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Advance Excel

Working with Functions and Formulas
  1. Working with Named Ranges
  2. Array Functions (SUMIF & AVERAGEIF)
  3. Formula Auditing
  4. Formulas with Absolute References
  5. Text Functions
  6. Financial Functions
Managing Tables in Microsoft Excel
  1. Creating Excel Tables
  2. Working with Records and Filters
  3. Advanced Filters
Data Tools in Excel
  1. Text to Columns
  2. Remove Duplicates
  3. Data Validation
  4. Consolidate
Grouping & Outlining and Subtotals
  1. Outlining and Grouping Data
  2. Using the Subtotals Tool
What-If Analysis
  1. Exploring Scenarios
  2. Goal Seek and Data Tables
  3. Using Solver
Advanced PivotTables & Chart
  1. Getting Started with PivotTables
  2. Formatting a PivotTable
  3. Using the Classic PivotTable Layout
  4. Formatting a PivotChart
  5. Calculated Fields in Pivot Tables
  6. Showing Pivot Data as a Percentage
  7. Creating Custom Pivot Tables Styles
  8. Slicers
Advanced Excel Tasks
  1. Excel and Hyperlinks
  2. Using Custom AutoFill Lists
  3. Sharing Workbooks
Creating HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions
  1. Using the VLOOKUP Function
  2. Using the HLOOKUP Function
Advanced Conditional Formatting
  1. Editing Standard Formatting Rules
  2. Using Formulas in Conditional Formatting
Advanced Lookup Functions
  1. Using the Index Function
  2. Using the Match Function
  3. Using Index and Match Together
  4. Using Index and Match with Array Formula
Advanced Functions in Excel
  1. Using Error Functions
  2. Using Logical Functions
  3. Using Array Formulas